1. Training Courses Usually Conducted

Mr.Bashar organizes and works as resource person in various training courses within his area of expertise. As a professional trainer he designs and develops need based training initiatives for organizational development.

Besides, he provides regular training covering the following generic areas.

Sl.No Title of the Training Course Duration (Days) Potential Target Group
Appreciation Level Detail understanding
1 Managing Organisations for Excellence 2 hours DGM, GM, Directors, Corporate Leaders
2 Total Quality Management (TQM) 1 2 Managerial Positions
3 Kaizen for Improving Performance 1 day All employees
4 5-S Techniques for Improved Working Environment 1 day All Employees
5 Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) 1 2 Engineers & Technical Personnel responsible for operation and maintenance
6 Enhancing Workplace Capability 1 2 Managerial Positions
7 Process Improvement Techniques 1 2 Engineers, Technical Personnel
8 Behaviour Modification for Improved Employee Performance 1 Supervisors and Managers (those who  have subordinates to supervise)
9 Productivity Improvement Techniques (PIT) 1 2 Personnel engaged in production/ operations management
10 Change Management 1 2 Senior Managers, DGM, GM, Directors, Corporate Leaders
11 Program on Quality Problem Solving (PQPS)   2 People engaged in production and quality management
12 Harnessing Creativity of Employees at Work 1 day DGM, GM, Directors, Corporate Leaders
13 ISO-9001:2015 Quality Management System 1 2 People engaged in production and quality management, MRs
14 Training of Trainers (TOT) 2 3 Training & HR Personnel
15 Stores Management 2 Stores Managers/Officers
16 Quality Control Circles 3 QCC Members 7 Facilitators
17 Facilitators Skills development 2 Facilitators, Teachers
18 Performance Improvement Teams 2 3 PIT Members, Facilitators

A day means 6 hours.